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A gundog natural instinct is to retrieve. Retrieving Trials provide a perfect avenue for these dogs to express their natural abilities, have fun and exercise. Our sport simulates hunting conditions where the dogs ability to retrieve is tested over various terrain and conditions commonly found in hunting scenarios. The dogs retrieve Dokken Dead Fowl Trainers (artificial game) from anything from dams or creeks to thick marsh or sparse paddocks. We strive to make our competitions a friendly and social environment where our competitors can not only compete whilst having fun with their canine companions, but also enjoy the comradery and friendships that develop with people of similar interests.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Our appearance at the SSAA Shot Expo

Wow, what an amazing weekend, where do I start...

I suppose I never really expected to gather big crowds at our retrieving demonstrations  at the SSAA Shot Expo on weekend, like our VIC and NSW counterparts had done at theirs down south.  And being outside the building, when all the other exhibitors were inside (along with the threat of rain), I really felt that we may not get very many watching....how wrong I was!

We gathered at the RNA grounds (hi-vis vests inhand) to set up in the dark on Friday night, our fingers crossed that the weather would hold for us, at least for the weekend, so that we could show visitors what retrieving trials in QLD were all about.  The gods were with us, and when Saturday arrived, we were blessed with glorious sunshine.

The amount of visitors that filled the plaza on Saturday morning, waiting for the doors to open was amazing, so we took the opportunity to take the dogs out for a pat amongst the crowd.  At 11am and 2pm we held our demonstrations, and gathered crowds 4 deep on all three sides of our fenced area.  The crowd loved the dogs, whether they were doing what they were suppose to, or mucking up (as in Franklin's case), and we were blessed with lots of claps, cheers and laughter.

Saturday saw great Open demonstrations from Gunner and Tessa, Advanced work from Blondie and Chevy, and Intermediate work from Grady, Jacko, Ruby and Franklin.  Jacko and Grady even took a dip in the mini duck ponds that were part of the display!

On Sunday, Elley, Errol and Nyah helped out with Open runs, Tikka with Advanced, and Asali, Ruby and Franklin for Intermediate.

Alas we could not show the audience the precision and skills the dogs possess in the field, but we did the best we could on pavers, with both dogs and handlers alike doing an amazing job under the circumstances.

The weekend seemed effortless, with so many wonderful members offering their assistance, which just goes to show how special our club really is.  It is truly amazing when people are prepared to give up their weekends to help out at a stand, with nothing in return apart from great company! 

Of course I'd be amiss not to mention our sponsors for the weekend.  Without these guys, the stand would not have been anywhere near as good as it was...

Gina was wonderful to work with, supplying us with banners, windflags, showbags, prizes and more for our stand. 

The support we receive from SSAA constantly amazes me.  Michael and the team at SSAA Qld kept us hydrated and covered all weekend.  

Therese and Peter from GreenGrove (Indoor Plant Hire) answered my call for trees for our display, and they looked great!  They were extremely generous and a joy to work with.  

And a big thankyou to Michael, Michael (yes there are two of them) and the Exhibitions Group for having us along. 

Last but not least, I'd like to thank our members for their amazing effort on the weekend.  Whether it be blowing up balloons and putting them on stick for the kids, working their dogs for the demos, babysitting, manning a thrower, public speaking, setting up, packing up, or just helping out in general. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  The weekend would not have been anywhere near as great without you!

Jim & Linda Jeffrey, and Ruby
Rad, Teharna & Capri Mirramon-Jeffrey, and Chevy
Judy & Robert Price, and Blondie
Byran & Sally Pritchard, and Gunner
Edwena Adcock, Grady and Jacko
Gary Quinlan
Denis & Kylie Bullimore, Tessa and Asha
Andy Campbell-Jeffrey
Ted Johnson
Ron & Cathie Jackson
Lauren & Quinn Wallace, and Nyah
Ian & Sue Wallace, and Asali
Sam & Elaine Haigh, Elley and Errol
Colin & Christine Robinson
Nev Bawden and Tikka
Kai & Sebastian Jeffrey



Tuesday, 11 August 2015

September Trial - Date Change

Our trial on 13/9/15 has been postponed to 20/9/15, due to the SSAA Disciplines meeting.
Please ensure you have changed the date in your calendar.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Congratulations Sam & Elaine

UNTIED FIELD AND RETRIEVING takes great pride in congratulating one of our founding members MR SAM HAIGH for being inducted into the ANKC Hall of Fame.
Sam and his past GSP Dog BRONCO (Nat FTCh & RTCh Garjanhauf Bronco) have been recognized as "Prominent Person" and "Distinguished Dog" in their Retrieving & Field Hall of Fame for 2015, quoting "Outstanding & significant contributions to the sports of Retrieving or Field Trials".
Sam's long and distinguished career in Retrieving in Australia together with this dog's wonderful achievements in Field and Retrieving Trials make this a fitting honor indeed.